Brilliant people who we are proud to call part of our team (in alphabetical order... not necessarily in order of brilliance)

Carolyn Williams - research project management, data-capture from paper surveys

Ed Hockey - data collection, quality control, in-depth analysis

Helen Hible - graphic design and printing

John Temple - specialist translation services for the market research industry

Justin Alderson - online research and analysis

Nick Wake - marketing and internal communications

Torstein Sørlid and Adam Sidbury – creating a ‘Thank You’ culture in your organisation

Robin Shuker - brand and customer research, plus new methodolgies

Their organisations (all links open a new window)

Wyman Dillon - All your survey needs

Snap Surveys

Portfolio Design - Graphic Design company with 22 years experience from design through to print and also web

RP Translate - Foreign language market research translation, verbatim and coding specialists

Aurora Market Research - Market research agency providing online quantitative research services for marketing and market research professionals. UK panel of 100,000 members.

Awaken Communications - Communications that stir your audience from inactivity

BiA Research - BiA Research specialises in providing online qual research to integrate with quant studies for greater insight

Digital Fibre – Creating a Recognition Culture to enhance retention and engagement by bringing your Company Values to life.