Morale Booster – Time for Yourself

Morale Booster – Time for Yourself

I’ve just been out for a lunchtime run. The weather was awful. But I feel great now.

Why ?

How ?

I guess it’s a combination of post-exercise endorphins and post-“not-working”-endorphins.

Grabbing some ‘me’ time during the day is a really important part of how I work. I’ve just spent 1 hour not looking at my screen, not dealing with emails, not talking to clients on the phone, not being in meetings.

I am able to switch off from my work during the run, enjoy the countryside, think about other stuff like family, friends, hobbies.

Having time away from the work routine creates a freshness, a new vigour, a sense of drive and purpose. I feel engaged, excited to be back at my desk, keen to write this blog post, my personal morale is very high… and all because I rewarded myself with some time off.

The working world has changed. People are now so much more likely to eat lunch at their desks, they don’t get fresh air, they are cocooned in their cubicle (Dilbert style).

Time pressures mount, deadlines loom. Some people have always got an excuse not to take “me” time. Others can always find time for themselves. So, question why this is and more importantly question which type of person performs better in your organisation. The ones that are head-down, 100% of the time… or the ones that do take a break, do relax for a while and do come back raring to go.

What could you do to get your people to create their own Morale Booster ? – to take time for themselves on a daily basis. Try it for a week and see how they blossom.