Happy Country, Happy Government

Happy Country, Happy Government

Yesterday, David Cameron outlined his plans to conduct research into what would make the people in this country happy. He has asked the Office of National Statistics to devise a way to measure people’s “well-being”.

He’s aiming at creating a happy country (and therefore a happy Government). Hang on Mr Cameron, you seem to have inadvertently copied my catchphrase !

I’ve been talking about the link between a happy workforce and a happy organisation for a little while now. I’m a massive advocate that improving employee engagement will lead to improvements in business performance.

There’s a stack of empirical evidence out there – some published academic research, some published white papers, other consulting companies with client case studies. I’ve got my own evidence with my own clients – but that’s where I draw the confidentiality line, I’m afraid.

It’s not a tricky concept. It’s fairly self-explanatory. If you do the right things in your company to increase the levels of job satisfaction, morale and employee engagement – then you’ll reap the benefits of increased individual discretionary effort and also a lower staff turnover.

The trick is finding out which are the important buttons you need to press in your particular organisation. It’s can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. The buttons are different for each company I’ve ever worked with. Of course, there is some overlap, but I’ve never found exactly the same key drivers of employee engagement exist in 2 separate organisations. If only it were that easy !

The best way to uncover what people want is to ask them. I know that, you know that and David Cameron knows that too (insert you own joke here). That’s why I’m really keen to help organisations design and conduct their own employee research projects using the best tools and methodologies that are available.

From a previous blog post here, I’ve explained why it’s not salary that is a key (sustainable) driver of employee engagement. Mr Cameron (and his advisors) say the same thing – “prosperity alone cannot deliver happiness”.

For more about the Government’s initiative, see here