Internal Communications

Once upon a time internal communications was all about the leadership team getting their message across to their employees. Not anymore. Today it is far more about the facilitation of good quality conversations. From top to bottom. At all levels of the business.

Organisations don't make things happen. People do.

We don't have conversations with organisations. We have conversations with the individuals that work for organisations. And the better the quality of that conversation, then the more engaged the people who work there are likely to be. And the better the company will perform. This is what internal communications is all about.

It used to be the case that a piece of internal communication was judged on its effectiveness in entertaining, informing or educating its audience. And these purposes remain very relevant. But more and more it’s the level of engagement that really counts; whether you measure this in terms of opens, likes, shares, votes, enrolments, shows, smiles on faces or perhaps the number of people who put their phone down to listen to what you to say.... and then join in the conversation.

Great conversations build momentum. More people want to join in. Good stuff starts to occur. Your business performs better. With bad conversations....well, we all know what happens then.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your inter-company conversations, perhaps we can help?

Morale Solutions works in partnership with Awaken Communications to provide practical solutions to better conversations. You can find out more about Awaken Communications here.

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